Thursday, 6 February 2014

Washington Square

Everything seems to happen in Washington Square, New York.  It is one of my favourite places, especially in the autumn when the trees cascade such beautiful colours.  A thick carpet of leaves that makes it possible to scuff!

Performers from every ethnic group entertained us with stand-up political comedy, classical piano, (I did not see how the grand piano arrived!).   Children of all ages drew pavement pictures with jumbo chalks, and the squirrels nibbled the crumbs and then scampered to the safety of the trees.

Children played in the special children's playground, dog owners gathered to chat in the fenced dog enclosure, while dogs of all shapes and sizes chased each other and played!

I like Washington Square

Monday, 3 February 2014

New York, New York!

I have been really inspired by the work of so many arts therapists and their expertise in working with trauma. Trauma of many varied kinds: victims of torture, genocide, tsunami, family abuse were presented during a 2 day Symposium in New York.

My own presentation focussed on the long term results of early trauma from the early abuse and cruelty inflicted on babies and toddlers in the Eastern European orphanages.  Rowan Tree Trust sponsors special projects with teenagers and young adults who sleep on railway stations and in abandoned cars in Romania.

The principles of Neuro-Dramtic-Play are enjoyed by these disadvantaged groups, with a focus on sensory, rhythmic and dramatic playfulness.  There is a DVD showing detailed work with a group of 'Railway Boys', taking part in an NDP project.

The more of this work I do, the more I realise that it is back to the body for basic principles of working with trauma.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Good Year! 2014

Happy New Year Everyone and I hope it will be a very positive and hopeful year.  I am now traversing the second anniversary of dear Peter's death (January 4).  Amidst the floods and winds it is difficult to think that the world will be warm and cheerful!  I have been helped enormously by the recent book by Martin Seligman, 'Flourish' (2011).

Seligman has moved on from his previous book 'Authentic Happiness' and developed the psychology of well-being.  Well-Being includes the following elements of: 
         Positive emotion,
These five elements are each elaborated with important qualities such as hope and courage.  
Hope and courage can see us through many difficulties!