Tuesday, 22 August 2017


If you have a new-born baby or toddler, please come to our special workshop on Rhythmic Play on Friday 22 September 2-5 pm; Central Weston Super Mare, £30

This is the beginning of a series of workshops for Mums and babies that explores all aspects of Play and the Brain and shows how early play reinforces a strong attachment.  Rhythmic play starts with the heartbeat both the baby's and the mother's.  When small babies are held and rocked on the left shoulder they will often change their heartbeat to synchronise with their mother's heartbeat.

Rhythm regulates our physical and emotional lives whether it is the rhythm of the seasons, night and day, waking and sleeping as well as our own routines.

Lots of fun exercises and takeaway skills.  See you there!

Friday, 18 August 2017

NEURO-DRAMATIC-PLAY - exciting new courses from September 2017!

  • Are you working with children or teenagers on the autistic spectrum?
  • Does your work involve children who are 'out of rhythm'?
  • Maybe the children you work with are struggling with spatial awareness?
  • Are there issues with sensory processing?

22-23 September (Friday 1-7, Saturday 10-5) in central Weston Super Mare

Rhythms of Life: from heartbeats to habits, from routines to rituals

This 2 day course illustrates the importance of rhythm in attachment and introduces rhythmic play for babies and early years.  It also shows the importance of rhythm when working with children on the autistic spectrum.  Kelly Hunter who has undertaken long-term research with children and teenagers on the autistic spectrum is teaching on this course, together with Dr Sue Jennings who has developed NDP application with children with learning needs as well as development delay.

Children who have experienced trauma or neglect are often 'out of rhythm' which creates anxiety and fear.  They may be 'shut down' or physically hyper-energetic and unable to hear possible ways to calm and focus.

This course looks at the theory and practice and provides take-away skills to apply in the work setting.
£165 including course notes and light refreshments
£150 early bird before 1 September

The course can be credited towards a Diploma in Neuro-Dramatic-Play.

To book or inquire please email drsuejennings@hotmail.com

For more information about NDP please go to: www.playanddramapartnership.org