Wednesday, 31 May 2017

NDP in Romania and more!

Neuro-Dramatic-Play is firmly becoming established in Romania both in Bucharest and Brasov.  Therapists and teachers see it as an important add-on to their professional expertise.  

This next week-end is an advanced Training Course for people who have completed the Diploma followed by a special three day course on 'Dreams and Nightmares'. This is a new NDP course which connects early experiences of fear with later nightmares and strong loving attachments with a greater awareness of positive dreams.  Everything is connected!

The Annual Play Therapy and Dramatherapy Summer School in Brasov includes an intensive Ritual Theatre component as well as Autobiographical Theatre, and a review of the three years of training for the graduates.

Summer 2018 (dates to be announced) we will have another Neuro-Dramatic-Play Intensive.  Last year participants came from UK, New Zealand, Turkey and beyond!  The course combines the NDP Diploma with practice with local children, teenagers and adults as well as families and mothers and babies.  Next year we will report as we work so that participants can complete their Diploma at the end of the course.

Watch this space!

Warm wishes

Dr Sue


Monday, 29 May 2017

'NDP in the Jungle': A new course initiative

A exciting new development in Neuro-Dramatic-Play ( 
took place in the Malaysian rain forest 20 April - 4 May 2017.  Participants were able to complete their NDP study combined with placement and submit their reports, all within the allotted time.

We spent time in Kuala Lumpur on initial studies, a group of 10 people including myself and Andy Hickson as facilitators.  Participants came from Canada, Malaysia and the UK, with backgrounds in play therapy, dramatherapy, counselling and theatre-in-education, three men (including baby Anthony) and 7 women.  

We went by minibus to Cameron Highlands for an overnight stay before going into the jungle outskirts for several nights and then deep jungle.  We returned to KL for the final study, report and debrief.

It was a very exciting time and we all experienced the benefits of working 'hands on' with families, children and teenagers.  It was a privilege to live with the Temiars who welcomed us so generously.  We learned how to build and sail a bamboo raft, cook their food and make decorations and headdresses.  We participated in their singing and dance, healing trance and stories.

We observed their play and were able to conduct our own play sessions with different age groups.

Friendships were forged and ideas spun of possible future initiatives.  We may well take another group into the forest but not until 2019.

More photos in the next episode!

Dr Sue Jennings